Gateway Academy's Student Profile

Gateway Academy provides a unique educational environment for students from age seven to nineteen years of age who are Twice-Exceptional, and struggle with poor social skills, high sensitivity to criticism, lack of organizational and study skills, discrepant verbal and performance skills, poor performance in one or more academic area, difficulty with written expression, stubborn, opinionated demeanor, and highly impulsive.


Our Academy meets the needs of students with superior vocabulary, advanced ideas and opinions, high levels of creativity and problem-solving ability, extremely curious, imaginative, and inquisitive, wide range of interests not related to school, penetrating insight into complex issues, specific talent or consuming interest area, and sophisticated sense of humor. Our students have varying levels of difficulties and needs, and Gateway offers the highest level of education and support. Gateway Academy’s main objective is to achieve the best possible outcome for the individual according to their needs and abilities.


Our students thrive on intellectual challeges in their area of interest and ability. Many 2e children do their best when given work that engages multiple senses and offers opportunities for hands-on learning. Support comes in several forms. An essential form is encouragement; others include compensation strategies and accommodations in the child's area of weakness. Our students benefit from learning time-management skills and organizational techniques; and they may need to have extra time on tests and reduced homework. Proper support must include accommodations to allow them to develop and challenge their gifts as well. It is essential for our students to feel as though they are being noticed for their gifts more than their weaknesses. Appropriate interventions address both their academic and social emotional needs.


Almost every student we provide for has previously experienced difficulties in their education, which is why we intend to provide our students stability and maximize their individual potential.


Gateway Academy adopts a multidisciplinary approach to education with individually tailored education programs designed to meet the needs of the student. The multidisciplinary team includes teachers, staff, therapists, educational psychologists and psychiatrists, who work together to meet the individual needs of the student.


Our students education is differentiated according to each student’s ability. The development of communication, personal and social skills usually forms a large part of their plan, with an emphasis placed on establishing appropriate social and emotional behavior in school and community settings.


Many of our children and students have experienced difficulties in mainstream school settings, they may have been excluded from school or have had problems at home because of their complex and challenging needs.


Later school start time allows students and their families to settle back into education at a more relaxed pace, while developing a positive structure and routine in a safe environment. Gateway Academy offers the highest level of integrated education and support in a safe, structured, and positive environment. This framework ensures security, develops self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-reliance to provide a pathway towards independence.

Unique Programming Fuels Learning

2 e education is an educational approach backed by 35 years of research and best practicies tailored to the unique needs of 2e students. It is a marriage between a disability and academics - a strengths-based, differentiated approach that provides special educational supports.


Forensic Science, Anthropology, Computer Science (3D printer programming and design); and a school wide STEM program enhances our students interest in learning!

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