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Here are the step-by-step instructions for parents to sign up for text alerts.  Parents should have their card and cell phone handy to complete set-up.


1.       Go to


2.       Enter first 6 digits of card number in the Manage Your Card box


3.       Select “Need Username” in the box at top of page


4.       Enter card number


5.       Verify your identity using last 4 of parent social security number and card expiration date and security code


6.       Follow instructions to select user name and password and secret question


7.       You will now see account details on “Balance and Transactions” page


8.       Hover over “My Settings” on top of page and select “Alerts”


9.       Enter your cell phone number and check the boxes allowing text messages (e-mail option as well)


10.   Under “Alert Options”, make sure you check the box marked “Text Message” next to “Value Load.”


11.   Hit Submit at bottom of page and a pop-up box will ask you to enter a Verification Code, follow instructions to request verification code via text message and then enter code sent to complete set-up.

ESA Updates:

WHEN Do I Send In My Signed Contract?

Once an application has been approved and a contract issued, it is somewhat easier for a parent to time the withdrawal from public school given that ESA tries to fund at the same times each year. Those dates are approximately July 15, October 15, January 15 and April 15. So if a parent can withdraw their child about 5-7 days before that funding date and immediately sign and return the complete contract, once that is done, ESA would have time to process the contract (this will be even faster once we implement electronic signatures later this year), request a card, and have them ready for the quarterly funding request. There will still be a window of a week or possibly two where they’ll be waiting on the card and funding to arrive, but that is part of the process that is built in.

Online Expense Reporting System

The portal works best when using either Internet Explorer or Chrome web browsers. At this time, please do not use tablets or phones, as it will not display correctly.

To begin using the system, create a self registration to access your ESA expense portal:

  • Only one account is required per applicant (even if you have multiple students)

  • Your username will be your email address and a temporary password will be sent to the email account on file. The email will reference ADEConnect; ADEConnect is the platform hosting the portal

    • If the email does not arrive within a few hours, check your Spam or Junk folder. We recommend adding and to your email contacts to avoid emails being delivered into the Spam or Junk folders.

  • Once receiving your password, you can log into the portal at:

  • Training materials for the system are located on the Training Page:

  • Please do not submit expense reports until completed – expense reports cannot be modified once they are submitted

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