The program at Gateway Academy is rooted in our mission and educational philosophy. What we learn, how we learn, what we value, and how we live in a community are vital questions as we seek to educate the mind, body, spirit, and character of our students. This unique approach weaves academics, wellness, and activities into a cohesive curriculum that emphasizes the practice of social skills as the link connecting each student to the school community.
At Gateway, we believe that a safe and supportive environment is the best foundation for academic and personal growth. It is important that each of us develops the skills and habits to create and maintain this community. It is just as important that the community respect and nurture each individual. Our Code of Conduct provides the philosophical foundation for our community. Throughout our curriculum, we discuss and build skills in conflict resolution, collaboration, and group dynamics. This gives us a common language and shared expectations that shape our behavior for life.
Students come to Gateway Academy seeking a different approach to learning, often because they have been frustrated in their previous school experiences. Our intent is to rebuild self-esteem, rekindle curiosity, and encourage the risk-taking necessary for learning. Our belief is that no single method of instruction is effective for every student. Instead, we must evaluate teaching strategies and match them with each student’s individual learning style.
Education is more than memorization of basic facts and preparation for tests. While many of our students have a strong rote memory, recall alone is not sufficient to function well in school or in life. Similarly, advanced reading decoding skills must be supported with strong comprehension skills. Learning begins with identifying, organizing, and evaluating relevant information. Then, we ask our students to take the important next step to apply what they have learned, encouraging them to solve problems and face challenges with creativity and confidence.


​O. Robin Sweet

Executive Director & CEO

Our Philosophy

Gateway Academy offers students an academic curriculum that is challenging and structured; rich in its academic offerings, and nurturing in its approach to fostering personal growth, responsibility, and independence. The Gateway community: students, faculty, staff, and families, alike, work collaboratively to help students discover and develop their individual gifts and strengths, become self-advocates, and realize their full potential. A safe, thoughtfully prepared sensory sensitive environment encourages mutual trust, respect, and acceptance among those in its school community.

Our History

Gateway Academy was founded in 2005 by O. Robin Sweet and Dr. Thomas Bloom, as a 501c3 not for profit corporation. We are an approved 6th-12th Grade Private Day School by the Arizona Department of Education. Cognia accredited. School of Excellence Award from 2006-Present by the National Association of Special Education Teachers. Chapter of the National Honor Society. School Choice Leadership Award 2019. National School Choice Proclamations from Governor Doug Ducey and Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane.

At Gateway Academy Twice-Exceptional = Academically Able and Diagnosed with a Level 1 Autism Spectrum Disorder

Gateway Academy's main focus is on Twice-Exceptional Students! 2e education is an educational approach backed by 35 years of research and best practices tailored to the unique needs of our students. It is a marriage between a disability and academics - a strengths-based, differentiated approach that provides special educational supports.


Since the removal of Asperger's Syndrome from the DSM-V, Twice-Exceptional best defines our student population. Our students thrive on intellectual challenges in their areas of interest and ability. They do best when given work that engages multiple senses, and offers hands on learning. We support our students with encouragement; compensation strategies, and accomodations in the student's area of struggles; leaning time management skills and organizational techniques; extra time on tests; and reduced homework allows them to develop and challege their gifts.

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